Neon Earth EN

NFT collections

NFT Collections are randomly launched and consist of a certain number of random NFTs. Users need to collect them and put them in a certain order.
The required collection, prize fund and the number of winners are announced just before the launch.
Users are rewarded in game currency NEON.
Participation and reward mechanisms
After launching a collection, in the NFT Collection section, you need to collect the required combination of NFTs as soon as possible. The prize fund is distributed among the winners in equal shares.
For example:
We announced the start of the NFT collection and you need to collect 4 identical cards - "Common Scorpion lvl 0".
The prize fund is 10,000 NEON. The number of winners is 10.
The first 10 users who have collected this entire collection become winners and receive a reward of 1,000 NEON.